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Your home’s exterior is more than just a facade; it’s a crucial element contributing to its livability, integrity, and overall value. At Serden Group, we recognize the importance of a well-maintained exterior and offer services to ensure your home stands strong against the elements.

Comprehensive Exterior Solutions

From roof maintenance and replacement to premium siding, windows, and doors, Serden Group provides high-performance exterior products. Our seasoned experts take pride in delivering aesthetically pleasing results and solutions that enhance your home’s durability and longevity.

Transformative Exterior Additions

Imagine a home where the exterior stands the test of time and reflects your unique style. Serden Group specializes in exterior transformations, including additions, closing garages, and building new spaces. Our expertise extends beyond the surface, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Let Us Renew Your Home’s Charm

At Serden Group, we go beyond remodeling; we rejuvenate. Allow us to make your home’s exterior look virtually brand new. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and use of premium materials ensure that the results speak for themselves in La Center and Battleground.


How do I get started? What’s the first step?

First, contact us and let us know what projects you’ve been thinking about. We will provide some insights, but most of all—we will listen to your goals, discuss timing and budget, and let you know how to get your project done through our process.

Can I live in my house while a remodeling project is going on?

Yes! During the planning stage, we will work with you to determine which parts of the home you can use during construction, and what accommodations (such as a temporary kitchen) can be made to minimize the impact on your daily life.

How long before you can start my project?

There is a lot of necessary, up-front work to get to the start of construction. Our team guides you from concept to layout design and material selections. We can get started right away with our process to determine all the details that need to be completed before the actual construction begins. Our team is always starting and finishing jobs, so we are ready to get started now.

Do you remodel all year long?

Yes! Remodeling can be done any time of year. In fact, some projects are easier to schedule in winter due to greater availability of staff and materials.

How long does a remodeling project take?

Remodeling can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to 2-6 months depending on the size of the job and the complexities involved. Additional time may be required for design, engineering, permits, utilities, and delivery of materials and supplies.

How much does a remodeling project cost?

It depends on several factors, including the location, size, and scope of the project, and the materials chosen.

The best way to learn specifics about project costs is to speak with one of our designers about the project you have in mind for your home.

Can I live in another city or state while a remodeling project is going on?

Yes! Many of our clients purchase new or existing homes and have them remodeled before they move in. During the planning stage, we will work with you to determine how to access and secure the property during the project.

I hired a designer or architect on my own; will you work with them?

Yes! Our design/build process is very inclusive of outside designers and architects. We want to bring everyone together early on in the process to be part of the project team.


Anatolii Dobrolevskyi
Anatolii Dobrolevskyi
We used Serden to remodel our kitchen. The whole experience was wonderful. Dennis was so helpful and had some great suggestions to help us make design choices that fit our vision and budget. Victor and Alex did most of the work and they were fantastic. They always communicated what they were doing, their upcoming plans, and their finished work is stellar. We couldn't be happier with our kitchen and the whole Serden team.
Bogdan Ternichenko
Bogdan Ternichenko
Very happy with Serden Group!! They did an amazing job and I will recommend them to anyone that is looking for a bathroom remodel done
Catherine Ness
Catherine Ness
The Serden team was AWESOME! Working with them on our Kitchen Remodel was a pleasure, and I am so grateful we chose this company to complete our project. From the very start, our designer Jasmine, met with us, listened to our ideas, and executed a more beautiful design than we had imagined. I’m so impressed with not only her expertise and professionalism, but with her understanding and thoughtfulness on our vision. She was respectful and her creative design experience, meticulous attention to detail, and her ability to understand a clients vision was extremely helpful in this complicated project. Moving forward, the Serden carpenters, Andrew, Jacob, Alex, and Tim were extremely professional. Our job site was always clean and tidy and they took extra care to be respectful of our family and our personal space. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship was fantastic. Our project manager, David, and his assistant Alex, were on top of everything since day 1. Their professionalism and genuine care for keeping this project on track and scheduled out to meet deadlines was very impressive. Their communication with the Serden team and with us, kept everyone on the same page. They met with the team and visited our job site on a regular basis. Their positive professional connection with supplemental companies such as electricians and plumbers, was necessary and beneficial in executing time lines and meeting deadlines. From the very start, we agreed on a budget and the Serden Team worked diligently to complete this project within that budget. I feel so fortunate that this is a company I can trust and I would definitely recommend the Serden Team for any job, large or small.
Henry Roberts
Henry Roberts
We used Serden to do a kitchen addition on to our home, it was a large project that took months to complete. Like all projects nothing ever goes all the way right because there is just a lot that happens along the way you can't plan for. The good thing about them is we never had to worry that they wouldn't take care of it and make sure everything would turn out right. They were transparent with their pricing and we never felt like they weren't being fair with us. In the end if we were starting over we would pick them again to do our project. Probably not the cheapest option but they kept our project moving along pretty consistently and took care of all our concerns and treated us great, which is worth so much in a big project.
Eli Diriyenko
Eli Diriyenko
Great team to work with!!!
Andrey Zhdanyuk
Andrey Zhdanyuk
Denis and David was a pleasure to work with.
Great experience dealing with Serden. They gave us a fair price, did a great job with the installation.

Serving the Pacific Northwest and Beyond

Our kitchen remodeling services extend to various locations, including

  • Vancouver, WA
  • Felida, WA
  • Salmon Creek, WA
  • Ridgefield, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Tigard, OR
  • Beaverton, OR
  • Lake Oswego, OR
  • La Center, WA
  • Battleground, WA
  • Camas, WA
  • Washougal, WA
  • West Linn, OR
  • Happy Valley, OR
  • Hillsboro, OR
  • Clackamas, OR
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